Terms & Conditions



My designs are intended for personal use only.  Please feel free to sell your completed projects at craft shows, on Etsy, eBay, websites and shops.  Understand that when you purchase one of my patterns, you are purchasing the right to "use" the pattern to make the project for personal use or profit.  I own the "design" and it is unlawful to reproduce the pattern (or any part of it in it's printed form) to resell.


All of my patterns have been pre-tested for the accuracy of instruction, quantities, measurements, quality, materials and tools required to complete it.  Because of the time and effort put into producing a high quality pattern for your use, no refunds will be issued.


For the purchase of my completed "handmades", if you are not completely satisfied with the color, size, quality, appearance or function of the product, I will consider refunding the purchase price only upon the return receipt, providing that the item is in the same condition as when it was purchased.  Return shipping will be paid by you, the buyer.

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