Woolen Whimsies Series

Woolen Whimsies  Series

Wool ....... the new Cashmere?  Yes, to me, wool is my most favorite of all textiles to work with.  If you love country and primitive decor, then you will always see wool used in many forms of art.  You will find it hooked into a colorful rug, or strips braided into a lasting, old-fashioned style rug.  Wool can be appliqued to fabric to create whimsical scenes and characters.  It can also be needle felted to create stunning projects.


I have been collecting recycled wool for years.  I haunt my local thrift shops looking for men's suit coats, pants, skirts, blazers, blankets, etc.  A hot wash and dry creates soft, felted recycled wool which is wonderful to create with.  You can find so many colors, patterns and textures of wool and it is so easy to work with.


I have had so much fun designing the wool patterns "ewe" will see listed below.  Have fun as you search for that perfect wool project to create for yourself.

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Blossom Paper Pattern
Meet "Blossom", an adorable lop eared bunny nestled in a basket of Spring tulips. "Blossom" is th..
Bonnie, Betty and Buttons  Paper Pattern
Introducing "Bonnie", "Betty" and "Buttons", a trio of lop eared bunnies nestled together as best..
Calvin Packaged Pattern
Meet Calvin the cardinal.  Perched on a tree branch, he is a cute and whimsical red bird tha..
Camille Renee Packaged Pattern
Camille Renee is an adorable snowgal mug rug with three wool penny tabs with buttons and can also..
Crazy Love Paper Pattern
"Crazy Love" is a unique and whimsical wool appliqued heart with a "Love" sentiment embroidered o..
DodgePackaged Pattern
Dodge is an adorable 5" x 8" mug rug with three wool penny tabs with buttons. The rug can also be..
Dylan Packaged Pattern
Meet Dylan, an adorable snowman sharing his love for you. Dylan is all ready for the chilling win..
Ewe and I - Packaged Pattern
"Ewe and I" is a warm woolen wall hanging featuring two smitten sheep grazing in a meadow. T..
EWEnited Paper Pattern
"EWE"nited!  Meet a cute and whimsical patriotic sheep on a mug rug mat that will bring the ..
Feathering the Nest Packaged Pattern
Feathering the Nest is a cute country rug with a woolen bird boasting beautiful floating tail fea..
Folk Heart Paper Pattern
Folk HeArt and Star is a folk art mug rug with three wool penny tabs with buttons and can also be..
Hiram Packaged Pattern
Meet Hiram, an adorable snowman all bundled up in his scarf, waiting for winter's chill.   T..
Luv Rug Paper Pattern
Love Rug is a folk art mug rug with three wool penny tabs embellished with buttons. The cute litt..
Manny Jo Paper Pattern
Meet Manny Jo.  Sitting in the wind all bundled up for the long winter season, this cute and..
Misty Moss packaged pattern
Introducing a pretty gnome named "Misty Moss". She is cousin to "Timber Wood", another adorable w..
Ollie Owl Paper Pattern
Meet Ollie Owl.  Perched on a tree branch, he is a cute and whimsical owl that is hand appli..
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Pumpkins and Pickets Packaged Pattern
"Pumpkins and Pickets" is a colorful Autumn themed mug rug with cute wool penny tabs at one end w..
Timber Wood packaged pattern
Introducing "Timber Wood", an adorable woolen gnome. Timber is warmly named by my granddaughter P..
Violet Packaged Pattern
Violet is an adorable 5" x 8" woolen bunny mug rug with three wool penny tabs at one end, two wit..
Whispers WW-023 Packaged Pattern
"Whispers" is a unique, woolen wall hanging with a beautifully bordered message and a floati..
Wooly Willy Paper Pattern
Meet Wooly Willie.  He is a cute and whimsical sheep that is hand appliqued on a woolen mug ..
Zeke Packaged Pattern
Zeke is a handsome and dapper snowdude appliqued on a 5" x 8" woolen mug rug or candle mat with t..
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