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Born and raised in New England, I started Rustic Country Handcrafts several years ago when I decided to start selling my handmade creations publically at craft fairs and home shows.

As a child, I learned most of my basic skills from my mother and my grandmother.  Mom taught me how to make my own clothes for school, while Grammy taught me how to knit and crochet.  I always admired my grandmother's more primitive talents including rug hooking, rug punching and braiding.  Grammy also made beautiful hand-pieced patchwork quilts.  I can still remember a couple of them from my childhood.


With a knowledge of the basic skills, I learned to go beyond the basics by embellishing my work with embroidery, buttons, layering, ribbons and vintage textiles.  It wasn't long before I started making my own creations that came from inspiration within, that I warmly refer to as a "gift".  I love to design the ideas that are swimming around in my head, make one or two of them, then move on to my next great idea.  I always look forward to that next project, and the next, and next!  There's no stopping me.  It wasn't long before people would buy items from me and ask what pattern I used to make it.  Many, many times I had to explain that I did not use a pattern.  After numerous requests for patterns for my creations, I decided it was time to begin producing them to sell to the public.


After many months of planning, creating, producing and building a website, here I am!  I had so much help from family and friends through this long process, including special friends who have offered to test the patterns before they are published.  I have been blessed with a wonderful support system of family and friends.


As you browse through my website, please enjoy the patterns and know that each one is uniquely created from a spark within.






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