Goodness and Light Paper Pattern

Goodness and Light Paper Pattern
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As children, we became familiar with the repetitative words and melodies of our favorite Christmas songs and hymns as they played throughout each holiday season. As adults, we have grown to embrace the words and their meanings to the songs we learned, and the important messages they offer.

​Through the blessing of music, I was inspired to create "Goodness and Light", after taking the "message" of a favorite hymn to heart. I learned the words to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and artfully created a 20" x 34" woolen door/wall hanging to represent the story in the song. I designed an adorable snowgirl paired with a little lamb, each gazing into the night sky at the star of Bethlehem. The project came to life using scraps of recycled wool and hand stitching, embellished with a few buttons and a holy cross. Penny tabs hang from the bottom to extend the length and add unique character and whimsy to the piece. The center hanging tab includes an embroidered verse from the song....."said the night wind to the little lamb, Do You See What I See?"


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